AP Telangana MPTC ZPTC Party wise constituency Winner list Score 2014 Elections

mptc zptc counting

Andra pradesh and Telangana  MPTC ZPTC District wiseCounting started now.the municipality results score are revealed by election commission. Andra Pradesh muncipalities  of all places TDP is winner.and telangana congress won the majority of places. and ysrcp lose in this elcections.

now counting started at 8am to day.and MPTC ZPTC in Telangana AP Andra pradesh counting are still running.TDP is open his counter first and still running as municipals.and we update all MPTC ZPTC AP Telangana 2014 Score and counts as Party wise and Constitency wise.

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                   Telangana MPTC ZPTC Party wise Winner list Score 2014 Elections

AP  MPTC  Party wise Winner list  2014 Elections

Telangana MPTC Party wise Winner list Score 2014 Elections


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